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Nothing brings us more joy than creating lasting memories with our friends, family and guests. You too? ⁠Whether it be a birthday, holiday party, family gathering or any other celebration, Grafted was created with these special moments in mind. ⁠We fancy ourselves more than just a bar and something other than a restaurant. Here, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of whiskey and wine, craft cocktails, a delicious menu of shareable plates and most of all, a warm welcome. No matter your tastes, budget or style, we’d love to help you create and curate the perfect event.⁠



Most people drink wine casually, appreciating it at face value and its ability to make their meals more pleasurable. There is nothing wrong with that, as not everyone is a wine connoisseur. However, for those serious about drinking wine like an expert, it might be challenging to do so, especially



With so many wine brands to choose from, you can’t solely rely on the ease of finding the perfect pair for your favorite dish. It would be a challenge for you to find the best wine to go with your meat dish, depending on the same wine you always choose. So,

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