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Some Valuable Tips to Help You Drink Wine like an Expert

Most people drink wine casually, appreciating it at face value and its ability to make their meals more pleasurable. There is nothing wrong with that, as not everyone is a wine connoisseur. However, for those serious about drinking wine like an expert, it might be challenging to do so, especially if they are beginners.

Luckily, we have a few valuable tips below to h at will help you drink wine like a long-time connoisseur.

1. Never Drink It from the Bottle

To drink wine like an expert, do not drink from the bottle, as it will mess with your taste buds. You might think that wine tastes better from the bottle, and in some cases, it might. However, the chances are that it is not, so you should avoid drinking wine from the bottle.

As an alternative, you can buy a wine glass and use it whenever you drink wine. This will allow you to appreciate the wine’s aroma and your sense of smell. You’d be able to experience the flavor and the texture of the wine, which will help you adjust to its taste.

Instead of drinking it directly, it’s best to taste it through a small pour. Wine experts recommend doing this when you want to understand if a wine is worth the price.

2. Start Off with the Lighter Varieties.

Most beginners make the mistake of looking for a strong and strong wine. The thing is, they’ve not developed their taste buds yet, and they may not be able to appreciate the nuances of what they are drinking.

To start off with, you’ll want to choose wines based on color, label design, the year, and the region. By doing so, you’ll be able to appreciate the finer details of the wine right away without getting overwhelmed by the alcohol content.

3. Don’t Stick to One Region or One Type of Wine

Being too stubborn when it comes to wine can be a mistake that can cost you a lot. For example, if you’re new to wine appreciation and you love Riesling, it would be best to try other types of wines to find out if you like them.

This will give you the opportunity to discover what you like and what you don’t. You’ll have a wider range of options, and you’ll shed light on what type of wine is your favorite.

4. Never Be Fixated on a Wine’s Age

When it comes to wine appreciation, you should never be too focused on the age of the wine. Consumers are often fixated on a wine’s age, as they think that it will be tastier the older it is.

However, that is not always the case, and the best way to prove it is to go to a wine tasting event. You will encounter a lot of older wines, and some of them might be acidic.

Aged wines are no different from fresh wines except that they tend to be stronger. As long as you know how to pair them with your food, you’ll be able to enjoy your wine properly, regardless of its age.

5. Go with the Pros

Did you know that wine tasting events are becoming more and more popular? In fact, there are a lot of them around the country, some of which are being run by professionals. These events are great for those who want to learn more about wine without feeling intimidated.

If that sounds like you, you might want to go to a wine tasting event and start enjoying wine like an expert.


There is no denying that wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. However, it is also one of the hardest ones to consume, especially for casual drinkers of it.

The thing is, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy wine like one. Take the steps mentioned above, and you’ll learn to appreciate them all in no time. You’ll also learn to drink it like a pro, which will allow you to get the most out of your bottle.

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